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Udaariyaan 31st May 2021 Written Update Latest Episode: Fatah & Teju Marriage Udaariyaan 31st May 2021 Written Update

The most popular and flexible television daily soap show is getting ready to air its new episode, which will provide viewers with a full dose of amusement and fun. Udaariyaan is a fantastic and excellent daily drama show. Written Update 31st May 2021 is here, and in the future episode of the show, viewers will see Jasmine recognize her mistakes, but it's too late because Tezo and Fateh are married, and they made this decision due to family pressure, and they chose to marry each other simply for them. Along with this, they agreed to marry to keep their family values from being exposed to the rest of society; if they refused to marry, their family's values would be exposed to the rest of society, and that is the sole reason they opted to marry each other without their consent. Also, Jasmine refused to accept the marriage, but Fateh agreed to marry to protect his family's beliefs.

Now that Jasmine has realized his errors, he wants to return to his love Fateh, but it is too late for Fateh and Jasmine have tied the marriage, and Fateh has decided not to forgive his love Jasmine. Now, viewers will see on the show that Fateh's father, along with Jasmine and Tezo's fathers, chose to do this in order to safeguard both families' values. Both families decided to marry Fateh and Tezo after much discussion and discussion with both families.

Now, both families make it convenient for their children to marry, and Fateh's father talks to Fateh about it, while Tezo's father talks to Tezo about it, and by doing so, they both save their families' values, and this is the only answer to the problem. Then it's up to you. Tezo accepts to marry Fateh, although it was a difficult decision for her to make. Now that the audience can witness the marriage taking place, Jasmine tries to halt it by telling Fateh that you are mine, but Fateh is furious with her.

Fateh made this decision since Jasmine's departure for Canada lowered the family's values, so he chose to leave her and marry Tezo. In the following episode, viewers will see how Fateh marries Tezo in front of Jasmine, and it will be fascinating to see what Jasmine's next move will be. So, don't forget to watch the show on Colors Tv at 7 p.m. IST, and stay tuned with us until then. Check more information about Udaariyaan Watch Online.


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