Bigg Boss

What is it about Bigg Boss that makes it so compelling to watch?

Bigg Boss is a show that you can't avoid watching, whether you like it or not. Several Indians look forward to October each year, not for the festive season, but for Bigg Boss, India's most reviled reality show. The show's TRPs, which are generally sky high during its length, barely register the hate factor. We can't get enough of the show, which is surprising, but many of us want to watch it because it makes us happy to witness a few unsuccessful and successful performers fighting it out in their daily lives. They even fight over food. There will undoubtedly be individuals who condemn you for watching Bigg Boss. With snobbishness on their nose-tips, they'd inform you that viewing Bigg Boss is nothing short of a felony. But, hey, who cares?

Every middle-class Indian watch Bigg Boss for three months, receives their daily dosage of amusement at 10.30 p.m., and then forgets about it. After the following season. In front of the camera, there is never a dull moment. Each episode gets better and better. Season 13 of the show is presently hosted by Salman Khan. Read more about Bigg Boss 15 Full Episode.

So, what is the allure of Bigg Boss? Is it the most accurate depiction of our society?

Our neighbors, like the Bigg Boss competitors, like peeping into their neighbors' lives. Who doesn't enjoy a good drama, right? If there is a disagreement at our neighbor's house late at night, we stop working and turn out the lights in our house. Similarly, within the Bigg Boss house, some participants compete with one another for no apparent reason, while others enjoy their fights.

In the current season of Bigg Boss, we have heard numerous popular sentences. We've all heard expressions like "Bahar jake dekh lenge," "Tu janta hai main kaun hoon," "Muh tod dunga," and so on on the lane, but rarely on national television.

Sidharth Shukla, one of the most popular contenders this season, is a typical spoilt child, full of attitude and aggression. And if he does something wrong, he doesn't apologize, and we've all seen the guy who has a Sidharth-like attitude toward life.

Mahira Sharma, on the other hand, is arrogant and nasty, much like the affluent, drunken'socialite' who makes a lot of noise for no apparent reason. During every challenge inside the Bigg Boss tower, she rants at other participants for no apparent reason. We've had to deal with irate aunts like her before. So Mahira is also fantastic with us!

Shehnaz Gill, on the other hand, is everyone's favorite yet frustrates everyone with her weird behavior. In front of Salman Khan, she puts on a show of modesty and acts like a baby. Those characters, of course, appear in our daily lives on a regular basis, whether in kindergarten, college, or the job.

Arti Singh is the type of guy who can incite people to fight for no reason and can spot problems where none exist. She's the sort to solve a problem as if it didn't exist. Those people do exist in the real world!

People like Himanshi Khurana exist in our culture who are completely oblivious to what is going on around them. They're roughly correct.

Asim Riaz is that guy who was initially criticized on the basis of his words and appearance, but who later won our hearts due to his personality. Shefali Bagga previously remarked that Shehnaz Gill lacked character since she didn't comprehend her. Similarly, without first meeting them, culture stereotypes people based on their appearance and habits.

Bigg Boss has gone a little too far this season, with competitors body-shaming one other and viewers arguing their ages. Just like family who look down on you if you're 30 and already single, and neighbors who raise their eyes whether you arrive home late at night, are overweight, or are dark-skinned.

Hindustani Bhau is a more powerful entity than you. He has a lot of good ideas, yet he can also be prejudiced. He keeps writing, "Ladkiyo ko beech mein nahi aana hota hai, jab do ladke baat kar rahe hote hai." We all see this breed on a daily basis, after all.


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