Gemstones in Mesopotamia Civilization


Gemstones in Mesopotamia Civilization


Issued by the Orient House in cultural Dohuk Book (Gemstones in Mesopotamia Civilization) . Authored by Intisar Ahmed Hassan.

 The book is a thesis of the same title by the author Introduction by composed to the faculty of Arts University of Baghdad

The study sheds light on all kinds from gemstones and their sources and trade in addition to the side to the Practical examples of gemstones in the Iraqi museum, which have studied and photographed by the researcher, as well as the registration forms of the results of archaeological excavations for the years from 1999 to 2009

material of the research was Require to divided it in to four chapters, the first chapter includes two sections display in the First research about the natural environment for plain Sedimentary for Mesopotamia civilization and reviewed the need of Mesopotamia for the raw materials and    the second part, the Gemstones mentioned in the Holy Quran and also included out of precious Gemstones and their composition, as well as the natural characteristics of gems and then mining

The second chapter Include also the two sections  the First research particularly in the kinds of gemstones and their sources , a garnet , lapis lazuli and turquoise , rubies , diamonds and emeralds, aquamarine , pearls, coral , jade and amber and amethyst and onyx and Albulkhc and garnet and gold and silver The second topic addressed the gemstone trade and ensure that the most important countries that supplied Mesopotamia raw materials and these countries is Anatolia , the Levant , Iran and the Arab Gulf states and Delmon and Milokha and McCann.                                                                                                    

While the third chapter is devoted to the study Mbgesin,  the First research Showing gemstone in cuneiform texts  and reviewed it in the second section the uses gems on decorations, ornaments and art ( vaccination gemstones ) and medical  and magical uses for the gemstones and the uses in the seals in the gemstones.    The fourth chapter is devoted of gems  the practical  study , And the Adopted researcher on Mbgesin ,  First research depends on the excavation results in the  of some of the archaeological sites that were studied 167 model from 45 archaeological site and   second research contains on forty-eight colored picture and illustrative  table  of archaeological sites  also it is  a practical study for models of the gemstones in the Iraqi Museum.

And attach with the study particular annexes about gemstone names in Arabic and Syria , English, Sumerian, Acadian and another attachment to the names of the gemstones as contained in the books of heritage as well as images.