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"Little Man with a Marigold", its exceptional  learning toys for 4 year old boy magnificence, benevolence and character (all things considered, these toys were painted by hand), extended my insight into the historical backdrop of the nation and its way of life, the historical backdrop of the making of Soviet toys, in light of the fact that that each of the toys was related with a particular occasion in the life of the USSR .

Santa Clause Claus: Do you realize that our Snow Maiden is a Soviet "creation"? That she was conceived in 1937, when Santa Claus first accompanied his granddaughter to a Christmas tree festivity at the Moscow House of Unions. From that point forward, we have not envisioned the New Year without the Snow Maiden.


The Christmas tree of the mid 50s takes after rich vegetable nurseries and fruitful nurseries where everything developed: grapes, strawberries, apples, pears, plums, peaches, lemons, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, peppers, onions, glass garlic, cotton buds and froth. All these are the best adored vintage toys.


At that point Came a major thick glass watch with a bolt appearing at five minutes to twelve. For reasons unknown, this toy was discharged in 1956 after the arrival of the film "Festival Night" with the amazing Kharkiv lady Lyudmila Gurchenko and her renowned tune "Five minutes, five minutes … ".


These are a couple of ruby Kremlin stars, balls with a sickle and a sledge, balls with red stars, figures of the Red Army men in Budenovka, pioneers with warnings. These plays with the images of the USSR are acknowledged in the antique market of Christmas tree enhancements.


Numerous interesting, great little dolls, "Young men on a Sled", "Young ladies in a Coat", "Young ladies with a Doll", "with a Rattle"


Minimal Red Riding Hood, Alladins, Clowns and Boys "A Man with a Marigold":Look how intriguing, the state of the toy is the equivalent, however relying upon the shading, totally unique toys are gotten. The corn is unmistakably first floor, welcome and the strawberries are totally directly at the top. It appears that they made a toy like corn, and afterward, when it got immaterial, they started to make strawberries a helpful structure making a decision by the wrapping paper and packs, many toys were acquired at GUM.


We should choose best adored vintage toys yet Some People enhanced a Christmas tree with comparative toys for instance, a progression of vegetables and organic products – a green cucumber and a pea pod, pear, lemon, peach that resembled a genuine one – velvet, matte many toys on clothespins, extremely wonderful balls. Also, under the Christmas tree Santa Claus anger with squeezed cotton and paper and a plastic Snow Maiden.


That Christmas tree was counterfeit and entirely precarious, it intermittently fell and toys slammed. Possibly that is the reason Christmas designs from my youth have not been protected.


Incidentally, as indicated by the choice of the universal association of gatherers of Christmas enhancements "Brilliant Glow", toys made before 1966 are perceived as old. Until this year, toys were painted by hand, and after 1966 they changed from semi-craftsmanship creation to machine generation, because of which the toys were institutionalized however much as could be expected and lost their imaginative and style identity.Cleaning child plays with Clorox wipe: Be certain to the toys that fell on the floor or had direct contact with any earth or residue with exceptional infant wipes.


Clean any hard, plastic kids' toys, particularly those that promptly arrive at the kid's mouth, totally submerging them in bubbling water. These can be exceptional toys for getting teeth, areolas and soothers.Boil a pot of water and subsequent to bubbling it, dunk in it for 10 minutes all the toys of this sort.