Quality guarantee of Newport International Study on Hangzhou Boiler

Since the adoption of overall quality management in 1984, the company has established perfect boiler and pressure vessel quality management system and corresponding system document so as to keep normal and effective running of the company. At present, the company has possessed steel seal and authorized certificate for power boiler (S) and pressure vessel (U, U2) issued by American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), national Class A boiler manufacture license, Class A1+A2 pressure vessel manufacture and design license issued by national quality inspection bureau, and German TÜV ISO 9001 quality management system authentication certificate. For each year the company will accept the internal and external auditing by the second party and third party so as to ensure the continuous effectiveness of the quality management system.

Newport International Study: Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd

The company has made cooperation with the international famous companies such as Japanese MITSUBISH, KAWASAKI and MHI, French ALSTOM, Finland AHLSTROM, German OSCHATZ and SHG, British DAVY and R.R, Holand NEM and SFL, Belgium CMI, and .American GE, and the company’s quality system is well praised and recognized by the cooperation party; and meanwhile the company’s quality management ability is continuously perfected during the period of cooperation with the large companies.

The company has established perfect quality guarantee and supervision system. The quality guarantee department is separated from other departments and is directly controlled by the general manager, and such quality guarantee department is not affected by the production and operation department. The quality guarantee department has set quality management center, inspection department, flaw-detecting center and testing center. The quality management center is the supervision and management center of the company quality management system. The inspection department is mainly responsible for the quality control and product quality inspection during the product manufacture period. The flaw-detecting center is mainly responsible for the product non-destructive testing including ray inspection, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, penetration inspection and eddy flow inspection. The testing center is mainly responsible for measuring management and physical and chemical testing. The flaw-detecting center and testing center have the qualification for undertaking outside testing work. The quality guarantee department has more than 160 employees including 30% employees with middle-class technical titles and 9 senior engineers.

With the advanced testing method, the company has possessed 170 piece/set of important testing equipment including 4-megavolt linear accelerator, 420 KV x-ray detector, γ-ray detector, direct-reading spectrometer and super-high rate stage-microscope; and these equipment can satisfy various testing and inspection requirement so as to ensure the product quality.

The company follows the policy of “Quality first and customer satisfaction” so as to ensure the safety, reliability and suitability of the boiler and pressure vessel to meet the relative standard requirement or exceeding the relative international standard.