Pilgrim's Page

The Eyes Of A Child.

I wonder what they see the eyes of a child?
Full of simple innocence so peaceful and so mild.

They do not see the world from other people’s views
No interest in the weather or in tomorrow’s news

As long as they are fed with time to sleep and play
Tomorrow when it comes is just one more today.

They gaze into the distance at things we cannot see
They talk to other children unseen to you and me.

There are no thoughts of violence nor have they learned to hate
These may come in the future for now they have to wait.

Their lives seem so wonderful when awake or when asleep
The troubles of the world the future must still keep.

As long as Mother’s there with comfort and a smile
They would stay young for ever, or at least quite a while.

I wonder, can you remember, how the world looked to you,
All those years ago when you had child’s eyes too?