Oakmere Home Advisors Planning Application Solutions


If you own land that represents a development opportunity, Oakmere has the experience and resources to maximise the value of it. We are able to give quick initial reviews on the potential of obtaining planning permission and have the flexibility to structure a deal to meet your needs. That consideration goes far beyond simply settling a price for land and will take into account tax planning to ensure you retain the maximum value from the sale.

The team is constantly managing planning applications from outline through to reserved matters, detailed planning and Appeals. We therefore continually update our knowledge of planning legislation and trends, and have proven systems in place to effectively manage the whole process on your behalf. Your involvement can be as little or as much as you decide.

Making a planning application is an expensive process – with costs for outline planning often running into several £10,000’s and even more for larger sites. By working with us through an Option Agreement or Promotional Agreement we take on that financial risk – which gives an added incentive to succeed on your behalf.

Your land may be a simple greenfield site, or a brownfield site with legacy or technical issues, such as contamination or flooding. At Oakmere we regard these issues simply as challenges to be overcome, and we can offer proven expertise in resolving such matters quickly and efficiently, either at the outset of a planning process or as they emerge. Therefore you can remain confident that even if unforeseen complications arise through the planning process, you are working with the team that can get the result. By choosing to work with Oakmere, you can be assured that we will determine the most effective solutions to deliver the maximum value on your land.

As a family company, we appreciate that building new homes is all about people – from dealing with planning authorities, elected representatives and other interested parties to addressing the concerns and priorities of local residents and potential purchasers. We recognise that new developments can generate a wide spectrum of strong feelings but it is part of our job – and a vital part of our expertise – to manage and address all legitimate issues of stakeholders in a way which delivers a positive outcome for any developments we undertake. That also means a positive outcome for you as the landowner.