Nature is Life

 ENGL 2130

7th February 2020

Dear Current Generation,

        When I am talking about protecting nature from harm and destruction, I am talking about taking care of our future because nature provides necessary resources for our survival and enjoyment. Nature to me means the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other existing natural things on the earth. We often do not acknowledge the amount of how much mankind depends on nature. We are constantly taking advantage of nature for our beneficial purpose without thinking of the consequences. It is time to preserve mother nature to provide the future generation with nature’s selfless gift to humans. It is our responsibility to set an example by preserving nature for the future generation and make them aware of the importance of nature in human life.

        Nature supplies and regulates services to human life. The preservation of nature in its many forms needs to be given more importance to safeguard human health and wellness. We all are benefited by nature in various forms which includes nourishment so we can grow, be active and healthy, natural treatment to heal and cure diseases. For years, humans have been extracting benefits from nature to support human life and now we are overdoing it by exploiting nature. As my father says, “Too much of anything is dangerous unless it's God's Love”.

        Nature on the earth supplies us basic resources that make life possible for all the living beings on the planet. Everything in nature is connected in some way or the other way. Due to the heat of the sun, existing water on the earth is evaporated and delivers it to the needed place in the form of rain on the earth. Pollination, erosion, decomposition, water purification are the benefits provided by the ecosystem. All the services gifted by nature cannot be duplicated by substituting them with human-made technologies, so it is crucial to start valuing nature.

        Nature has always given us the experience of non-materialist benefits that we cannot buy, like happiness, peacefulness, entertainment, relaxation, creative inspiration. At the end of the day, every human needs a peaceful, loving and joyful environment around themselves, which is only experienced through connecting with nature. As we all know our state of mind is affected by nature. On cloudy days some of us feel demotivated and less energetic, the sound of raindrops hitting on pavement gives us an internal soothing feeling. Spending time in nature, observing silence and engaging with nature is very congenial for helping us to reflect on our mind. We cannot underestimate the therapeutic benefits we get from nature which is very important for mental health.

        If we keep the natural environment around us clean, it will have a positive impact on all the existing and future generations of mankind. We should start preserving nature so it can come into balance and we will experience a greater sense of connection within ourselves and with others around us. Nature supports human life by giving valuable services, so we should prioritize taking care of nature. The root cause of many environmental complications is due to our failure to value the natural environment. We must understand the true costs of the goods and services that nature provides. An individual’s purpose in life is to make sure the next generation is better off than we are, so we should give equal importance to nature as we all give to our lives.

Your Friend,

Nidhi Marsonia