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Mary K

Tonia P

ENGL 1102


Nature and Environment

Dear 2099

Everyone wants to leave in a good environment, which has good nature, good people and so on. As I grew up the nature was something, which human beings embraced. The air that we breathed was clean, and the air breeze was fantastic especially when the wind blew the tall trees that swung left and right. Birds would be heard singing sweet and nice songs.

We never lacked food. Vegetables, which were grown organically, were plenty. There were a lot indigenous crops, which had cost. Life was good. In 1980’s preserving nature was a norm to everyone. I remember in our village if you had a tree that you would like to get reed of it, one had to get a permit from the government representative (city council member). There were days set people to go and plant the seedlings of the trees so that people can plant trees. Schools taught the subject of agriculture that was mandatory to every student. Every student knew that preserving nature was an important thing in his or her lives.

My friend, those days we did not see wild animals looming around because in their habitat they never lacked food. If you compare today wild animals are everywhere and man’s live is in danger.

In 1990’s things started to change. Rivers dried up due to lack of rain. It was believed that the forest attract the rain this is not scientifically proven. Streams dried up too. All this brought drought in some regions to people and the nature itself.

Even though people were pointing to each other due to this problem there arose a woman who stood firm to fight for the natural environment. Wangari Mathai was great woman not even that, she was political activist. She mobilized people to raise voices to the ministry that was responsible. It is good to empower woman like her. She loved nature. She started a foundation called Green belt movement, which empowered communities to conserve environment to improve live hoods.

She encouraged women to plant seedlings and plant trees; this could help the soil erosion, which causes the mad slides and other problems. As I talk to you my friend, woods or forest are good and beneficial to environment. Love it, conserve it and preserve it.

To prevent some of these problems like air pollution, governments should come up with prohibitions of specific activities or definition of limits on activities. Preventive action/measures may be vested in the Licensee. Am writing to you because you may not know how we lived in this great nature and environment. This is not to scare you but to let you know you can do better and rise up your voice before it get worse. There is much to tell but as we look back, it will not tell the future. “He that plants trees loves others besides himself.”_ Thomas Fuller

Yours 2020