When the Sun is Sad

When the sun is sad, she hides, the sky darkens, and the clouds precipitate the rain that sheds from the salted wounds of her sac. What once brought her joy, is what now brings her sadness. Her home, Her people. Life. Humanity. It hurts her to see us destroy what belongs to her, her son, our home; Earth. And as punishment, she no longer showers us with light. We can no longer bathe in the illumination of her aura. Sunny days are replaced with her tears, and the rays of her beams are hidden like a buried star. Her anger strikes the night like lighting in a roaring storm. Trees fall, oceans sway, and the thunder reminds us all of the dangers erupting in her soul.

As the Earthquakes and rumbles in pain, I look up and ask the sun “what’s wrong” and to my surprise she whispers like a slithering snake, the single word that will haunt us forever. “Stop.” “Stop what?” I reply with bitter remorse. “Stop killing the trees to make the blazing cities with lights that fill the sky at the dark of night.” “Homes are destroyed, lives are lost, and peace is no longer emanated throughout the eighth sphere of my orbital regime.” “My son, your Earth, is steadily deteriorating day by day.” “You fill him up with filth and waste that lingers on the ground waiting to be acknowledged by a single person.” “Instead of traveling by foot, animal, or sea, the automobiles filled with toxic gas pollute the air that breathes life into the souls that walk within him.” “No one cares, but me and that is what’s wrong.” The suns words stung like a bee protecting her honey, except the honey was Earth and we were the infamous attackers.

Now we are left wounded and prey less. We beg for forgiveness and pledge to do better, be better; but instead, we choose to continue following the trail to the end. Let’s freeze, stop, reflect and differentiate ourselves from the past, not only to save ourselves, but to save the Sun, our home, and those within. She is our keeper, our light, our source of natural power. To see her smile is rare, but to see her sad is often.

We have to take it upon ourselves to clean up the mess we made on Earth. The mess that is chained to our wrists and will forever label us as shameful prisoners to society. Instead of throwing our trash on the ground, we can store it in a recycling bin in order to help our ecosystem. We can save gas money by finding another safer way of traveling like riding a bike, a scooter or walking. We can invest in solar power to save the damaging effects that nuclear power has in our society. We can focus on less nuclear power usage and promote more organic energy. When shopping for groceries, we should use recyclable bags instead of plastic bags to prevent further harm to the environment. If we follow these simple tasks then maybe one day the sun will smile again.