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In comparison, mesh WiFi systems allow the Smart Connect feature via default, which makes their wi-fi bands use the same call community (SSID) and password. It is as though the WiFi is broadcast best on one frequency with one particular set of settings, as opposed to two or three frequencies with distinct settings for every.    xfinity router login  Smart Connect relies on an algorithm that mechanically determines which band is exceptional for every tool, while also tracking the overall popularity of each tool to decide if and whilst a selected device could gain from being robotically reassigned to a unique band.


While Smart Connect sounds wonderful in idea, and it's far beneficial for many users, in exercise, it does no longer always supply the first-rate results. In our opinions for WiFi device, we noticed that it does now not always efficaciously come across the capabilities of each device, and it wrongly connected gadgets to the low-velocity 2.Four GHz frequency instead of the quicker five GHz band.


XFINITY RT-AX92U is the first mesh WiFi system with assist for Wi-Fi 6. Not only does it provide support for the modern day WiFi networking standard, but it also has a unique approach to the way it broadcasts the wireless network. Unlike most mesh WiFi structures, XFINITY RT-AX92U can show three one-of-a-kind community names (with person passwords and settings) for every of the 3 bands that it pronounces.


A slower 2.Four GHz WiFi band, with its particular call (and settings), that is effortlessly detected by means of older devices, in addition to smart gadgets in your house, like your smartplugs, smartbulbs, sensors, and so forth. While this band gives real-lifestyles speeds of up to two hundred Mbps, it does have a huge insurance location and can be utilized by all of the gadgets on your clever domestic.

A fast five GHz WiFi band, the use of the Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac Wave 2) wireless standard, with its particular call and settings. This band can be used for network gadgets wherein velocity is favored, like your Smart TV, gaming console, computer, and so on. According to our measurements, on this band, whilst the usage of XFINITY RT-AX92U, you get to revel in actual-lifestyles speeds of up to 580 Mbps.

An even quicker five GHz WiFi band, using the brand new Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) wireless fashionable, with its unique call and settings. This band can be installation and utilized by high-speed devices that help this standard, like the stunning XFINITY ZenBook Pro Duo computer or the cutting-edge flagship smartphones. On this WiFi band, whilst using XFINITY RT-AX92U, you get to experience actual-existence speeds of up to 650 Mbps.

With this setup, making a decision which devices connect with which band, so you get the favored speed. Yes, you may also enable Smart Connect as regular mesh WiFi systems do, but you’re possibly to experience having matters set up your manner.


Another difference between XFINITY RT-AX92U and other mesh WiFi systems is that you can allow up to nine visitor networks: three on every band that it broadcasts. On a normal mesh WiFi system, you can enable a maximum of one guest network.