Educational Biography Of Akbar

Who Was Akbar

Akbar son of Humayun, And who had already expanded the Mughal Empire to India. So After defeating Sher Shah Suri at the Battle of Chausa and Kannauj in 1539-40, And the Mughal emperor Humayun went west where he met Hamida Banu Begum, 14, the daughter of Shaikh Ali Akbar, in Sindh.

He married her and the following year Jalal Uddin Muhammad was born on October 15, 1542, to the Rajput family in Umarkot, Sindh, where his parents received refuge from the local Hindu Rana Prasad.

So After the long exile of the Mughal ruler Humayun, Mohammad Jalaluddin moved to Kabul with his entire family. And Where Uncle Kamran Mirza and Askari Mirza lived.

And He spent all his youth hunting, fighting, fighting, running, making him a mighty, brave, and brave warrior. however But in all his life, he never learned to write or read.

History Of Akbar

Akbar First Marriage

Mohammad Jalaluddin first marriage was to the daughter of his uncle Hs, But Rukaiya, at the age of 9. When Humayun died on January 27, 1556, he was hitting Sikandar Suri with Bairam Khan at Kalanaur, near Machida.

He received the news of his father died on February 14, when he had made a brick throne there and made king. Humayun’s reliable position sits on the throne of Delhi while Mohammad Jalaluddin was in Punjab.

Who Is Hemu Vikramaditya

Hemu was born in Rohtak, Haryana, was a salt merchant. One day, Adil Khan Governor saw this gets shocked and takes Hemu with him.

Shortly after, Hemu reaches the position of minister of Waha. When Hemu sees that Humayun is dead and Tardibeg is sitting on the throne of Delhi, he takes the opportunity to attack Tardibeg and seriously defeats him and sits on the throne of Delhi.

Hemu remains the last Hindu ruler to sit in the Delhi Sultanate. Tardibeg flees to Punjab and says this to Mohammad Jalaluddinand Bauram Khan and tells them that we should now return to our kingdom.

Mughal Army is frustrate after heard this talk about Tardibeg. Bauram Khan kills Tardibeg because he believes that is why Delhi has gone to hand.