Peptidomimetic Drug Screening Service for Cancer

Overview of Peptidomimetics as Anticancer Drugs

Peptidomimetics are ideal components in cancer therapy because of their advantages in production, such as the possibility of automated chemical synthesis, and ease of modification. The unique advantage of peptidomimetics lies in biological interactions: they provide many possible interaction targets from cancer diagnosis to treatment.

The most influential applications of peptidomimetics in cancer therapy are in three fields: (1) simulating natural interactions between natural proteins or molecules to affect the viability of cancer, (2) targeted therapy or cancer diagnosis, and (3) delivering drugs across biological barriers. We will hopefully see the preclinical research and development of new candidate peptidomimetic drugs.

Advantages of Peptidomimetic Drugs

  • Excellent clinical safety and biocompatibility—Degradation products are amino acids-natural substances, which are nutrients or components in cells.
  • Can be chemically synthesized—Allows easy introduction of various modifications in a precisely controlled manner.
  • Smaller molecular weight—Conducive to penetrating various biofilm barriers.
  • Independent of the flow pump—Drug resistance is unlikely to occur.