Fahrschule Selam

It was 15 years ago when we decided to make our dream come true and start our own business. We started small, with just a small office and a single employee. We worked hard to build our company and place special emphasis on providing excellent service to our customers. We were constantly looking for ways to improve our offerings and expand our services. Over time, the company grew and we were able to hire more employees. Great importance was placed on ensuring that our employees were as dedicated and hard-working as we were and that they had the same passion for service.Thanks to our hard work and passion for service, we managed to shape our company into the size it is today. Today, 14 years later, it has become a respected company in the industry and has an excellent reputation. We, your Selam driving school, are still as committed as we were on the first day and do everything we can to offer our customers the best possible service. We are grateful for the support and trust of our customers and look forward to continuing to help people get their driving licenses for many more years to come. Our driving school offers you individual training with experienced teachers, modern vehicles, and a pleasant learning environment. Learn with us and benefit from our flexible scheduling. With our extensive range of courses and additional services such as online learning materials and exam preparation, we are well-prepared for your needs. Register today and start your future as a driver safely!

Waldhofstraße 16, Mannheim, 68169, Germany

Phone Number:
+49 621 68568998


Driving School

Opening Times:
Monday- Friday:               4–7 PM
Saturday- Sunday:           Closed