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The communication skills development process starts with the identification of the various difficulties in communication. It does not end there, however. It also involves improving, further developing and enhancing the communication skills that have been identified.

The key to a healthy communication is the active participation of both the speaker and the listener. There are times when the speaker must stop or change the subject. This is when the listener becomes the most important element in the successful communication. A good communicator can communicate successfully in both ways: just as a listening ear and as an active participant.

This can be seen in the personal communication between a husband and wife. However, it is also seen in personal relationships when communication is performed by friends. There is no reason why communication can't be experienced between two lovers, or even between friends.

The key to the successful development of communication skills is the active participation of the listener. The list of communication skills that can be developed through this is long and includes:

Speaker: When learning to communicate, both the speaker and the listener have to learn how to communicate more effectively. The listener can teach the speaker many new things that can help in building and maintaining relationships.

Listeners: There are several ways in which listeners can be taught. Sometimes people just need to be given instructions and the listener has to listen patiently for the speaker to complete the task. However, some people may have difficulties doing things on their own.

Communication is necessary for a communicative relationship. Therefore, it is important to work on communication as well as reading, writing and listening skills. It is recommended that the listening skills are worked on first, especially when communicating with a child with special needs. Word association: This can help the listener and the speaker understand each other better. Word association can also help with a memorization process. This helps with the beginning of language acquisition.

Thesaurus: This helps with comprehension. It can be helpful when communicating when one is overwhelmed with information. The ability to simplify language is a very valuable skill.

Organizational skills: The ability to organize is something that can be learned as a part of communication. Learning organization skills can make it easier to get through an environment with the correct terminology and proper organization.

Grammar: The ability to communicate effectively is also a way to give an overall perspective of the speaker's speech. Being able to correctly use grammar can make communication more fun and meaningful.

These are just a few of the many aspects of communication that can be improved through communication skills development. Through the process of communication, many aspects of life can be improved including confidence, purpose, self-esteem, family bonds and communication ability.


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