How to insert clickTag

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To track when a user clicks within a flash, a ClickTag variable MUST be embedded in the .fla file. Please follow this example and instruction:

1. Add an invisible button making entire area of the banners clickable.
2. Attach the following object action to the button:

In ActionScript 2

on (release) {
getURL (_level0.clickTag, "_blank");

In ActionScript 3, the equivalent code would be:

function Clicked(e:MouseEvent):void
navigateToURL(new URLRequest(loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag), "_blank");

**This will embed the ClickTag variable in the FLA file. This allows the click-through URL to be modified at anytime during the campaign, as opposed to hard-coding the click command in the .SWF file.

Target="_blank" is required in the "Basic Actions" to make sure the click thru opens a new window.

NOTE: The implementation is different for each version of Flash, please refer to Macromedia documentation for specific instructions and syntax for using ClickTag variable and the getURL action.