Exit Cleaning

Removing the belongings from the property should be done as soon as possible. It is important to know the dates that the belongings should be removed. The date should be written on the papers that were used to list the items. The date should be kept until the items are actually removed from the property.

If it is necessary to contact someone to assist with the removal of the belongings, it is important to call them a few days before the items need to be removed. During this time, they should be able to pick up the items for you. The person should only do this if it is necessary. If the person cannot come and pick up the items, they should be sent to a friend or relative. The person is not supposed to remove any of the belongings without getting the assistance of someone.

If this is a temporary process that is being completed, then it is important to begin the process early. By starting the process early, you will avoid the possibility of having the belongings become damaged by the process. If you can begin the process early, you should start it early.


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