Brothers of Nature - ClifJumpr

Trees have symbolized life since time began. Their boughs show strength and beauty; their leaves bring regeneration and renewal; their great multitudes present unity. Like a person, they grow, thrive, and develop into a beautiful creation. But what is not considered is that strength, wisdom, and nurturing are required to keep this tree alive. The simplest of trees hold the most valuable lesson for mankind to learn.  

Like a mother with her newborn, the Great One bathes the young sapling in the sun’s light and energy. Without this light the young oak would wither and droop; life would not be possible. As time passes, the young oak discovers and plays in the wind, learning its own preferences of weather and daylight. It finds other young birch and evergreen saplings that are in the same stages of life. Friends they become and friends they remain. It learns to soak up the nutrients of the land within its roots up throughout each sprouted leaf. It grows in maturity and grace.

The branches of a tree are its pride and glory. Each shoot, stump, and twig represent the troubles and tribulations it has survived. As laurels are placed upon the head of a victor, the branches are its medal of honor. When the floodwaters come, the young oak must be ready. Its roots must be dug deep into the soil, otherwise, it will fall and never regain its ground. Its beliefs must be solid and its faith in itself and its Great Provider, unwavering. When the hurricanes cascade throughout the countryside with no mercy or forgiveness in hand, the tree knows and trusts its Creator. In the eye of the storm peace is found; the tree, though beaten and scarred, remains standing tall.

Unlike the oak, the birch does not hold its ground. Its roots are shallow and dry. The river runs far from this one. The Great One provides it with blessings abundantly, but the birch is ungrateful. It shies from the light and cowers in the shadows. Leaves dangle from shattered twigs and the birch bends under the weight of the earth’s gravity. When the floodwaters return, when the river rises, its waves and currents tear the birch from its burdened rest. Fear not, however, for the oak remains strong and unwavering and it will not allow its friend to fall under tribulation. The birch leans upon its friend for support and guidance through the overwhelming rush and makes it through the night. 

When the summer sun returns, bright and happy as ever, the Great One bestows its blessings. The waters recede with submission to their Creator and the grass is renewed. Flowers spring from the earth between gaps from the pebbles by the once flooded streams. The birch’s roots soon regenerate in its newfound strength from the oak and peace takes over their valley once more.

Like the tree, planted in its roots and strong, so must man stand. The earth is filled with evil and the great Adversary never quits. However, the Great One prevails beside His people through the greatest storms. Man’s roots must be deep, their friendships strong and faithful. Both tree and man reside upon the earth, yet the tree thrives with strong roots while man suffers much. Like oak and birch, mankind should unite with their fellow brothers on earth, for a greater storm is always on the horizon.