Scheduling & Planning Workshop

The new day job market is complicated enough, without a full blown scheduling & planning workshop session to begin with. And when you consider the range of questions that your future employee has to answer at this time, it's hardly an advantage.

This is why most employers don't put these events into their schedules, instead relying on the worker's word that they'll be there. For many it doesn't work out that way.

As a result of that, the scheduling & planning workshop have fallen out of favor. Some find it to be a lot of trouble. And the increased reliance on outsourcing means that such workshops are rarely used anymore.

But they still have a place in the new workforce and hiring environment. And what better way to show up than to help develop a more productive staff. A more motivated staff.

In a recent research by Pierre-Olivier Lallout and me, we compared two groups of workers: a group who'd been working with a workshop facilitator and another group who'd worked without one. We found that the group with the workshop facilitator was about five times more effective at increasing productivity, in general. They were able to go from mediocre to excellent in only four sessions.

But they also had fewer administrative tasks to do. As such, it was the level of productivity, not the number of scheduled events, that mattered most.

After looking at how workshops impact the employees we decided to start holding workshops on our own. And so we've seen that attendance really is a key issue.

Scheduling workshops that fit into your busy schedule can be a lot easier if you use pre-built modules from other resources. There are hundreds of these available on the Internet.

There are no fees for them. And most of them come with a money back guarantee that enables you to quickly get started.

Many common questions that arise from the workforce can be addressed by a scheduling & planning workshop. Of course they will not solve every problem, but they can certainly make things much clearer for you.

Next, be sure that your employees attend workshops on a regular basis. This will help you create an atmosphere where employees are excited about being part of the solution.

It's not just a matter of wanting to learn how to handle a job anymore, when you can learn to manage your scheduling & planning workshop like a pro. The extra sense of satisfaction is worth the investment.