Arm Knitting Blanket: Ensure The Success Of Your Project With These Tips

Once the weather gets cold, chunky knit blankets are among the cosiest items you can snuggle in. Such cosy creations are typically made through knitting oversized yarns, which have perfectly soft and bouncy textures. Due to the thick yarn, chunky blankets can keep the cold out without getting a suffocating or heavy feeling.


If you want to have your own chunky blanket, you can either create it yourself or purchase one. While buying is definitely more convenient, putting in the effort and time to knit can be fulfilling. If you'd like to do everything yourself, below are some useful ideas for making your own arm knitting blanket.


1. Browse for helpful arm knitting resources online


In case you don't know how to start arm knitting, don’t panic. Since the trend is rather prevalent, there are plenty of outstanding communities, tutorials, and blogs available online these days. Elegant patterns for chunky knit blankets can also be accessed for free, letting you craft a layout that you truly love. At the same time, you can also take a look at other exciting big knitting projects, like chunky mattresses, scarves, and rugs to obtain a few more ideas.


2. Pick the best kind of yarn


Many different kinds of yarn can be used in arm knitting. Merino wool is one example, a luxury option that's highly recommended for its smooth texture and thickness. It is even breathable, durable, and naturally insulating, making it great for knitting a blanket. A cheaper alternative is acrylic yarn, which has been designed to feel much like wool fibres. Acrylics are also commonly machine washable and ideal for knitting blankets that you can use regularly. Natural, vegan wool alternatives are widely accessible for people who want to use yarns without animal products.


Regardless of which yarn you choose, ensure that you only buy from a legitimate provider. As a result, you can guarantee that you will acquire high-quality yarn for making a sturdy blanket.


3. Check the tools that you can use


It is a given that your two arms and some oversized yarns are all you need for arm knitting. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with this, you can also use broomsticks, PVC, or oversized needles.


It is even possible to make a chunky blanket via crocheting. For this, you can use your arms or purchase oversized crochet hooks. This approach will result in a heftier, thicker blanket but will likely require more yarn.


4. Ensure you have enough yarn


Surely, running out of yarn is the one thing you do not like to happen when making an arm knitting blanket. Yarns are commonly sold by weight. A huge 160cm x 200cm blanket will require around 6 kilos of yarn to complete. On the other hand, smaller blankets measuring 120 to 150 square centimetres, need 3 to 4 kilograms of chunky yarn. If you prefer a small 75cm x 125cm blanket for personal use, 2 kilos of material should be enough.


Although arm knitting is a fairly difficult hobby at first, it can be extremely rewarding once you have mastered it. When you bear these useful suggestions in mind, getting started will be less of a challenge. Keep doing your craft, and you will be a professional at making chunky knit blankets before you know it.