Aberdeen Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a cleaning service to clean your home or office? This is a good idea. Cleaning can take a lot of your time. After a long week of work you barely get two days to rest and you do not want to waste those two days cleaning and organizing. This is the time you should be using to relax, recover and have fun so you are ready for next week.

However when it comes to hiring a cleaning service make sure that they are reliable, reputable and safe. Take the following steps and you will find the right help to clean your home:


Step 1: Go to Google and type: “Aberdeen cleaning services”. You will now see a long list of companies and individuals that provide cleaning services. Read their reviews and choose the one that has good reviews.


STEP 2: Reach out to them and discuss your cleaning needs. Ask them to give you a quote along with their business license and copy of insurance certificate. This is important. You only want licensed businesses because if something goes wrong you know who they are and where to find them.


Similarly if they have insurance you are covered if they break something of value accidentally. Finally, ask them if they do a background check on their employees. You only want people in your home who have had their background verified.


STEP 3: Schedule your first cleaning. Make sure you are at home for this cleaning. This way you can see how they clean, show them where things are, tell them what needs to be done and what needs to be done differently. You can ask them to do any additional work like cleaning dishes, doing laundry, folding laundry, making bed and so on however some of these tasks will cost little extra.


If you are satisfied in the end continue with them or repeat the process until you find someone you like.