Where is your Safe Truly Safe?

The savvy Sacramento resident knows locksmiths have a lot more to offer than just locks! Your local Sacramento locksmith should also be your first stop when you’re looking for a safe to protect your valuables. Once you get it home though, you have to decide the best place to keep it. No matter how secure it seems, it’s always a good idea to take the extra precaution of hiding it carefully. Even if thieves can’t crack it in the middle of a burglary, they might take it home with them to work on later, but they can’t do that if they can’t find it! Visit 24 hour locksmith for more details.
For the same reason, locksmiths also recommend your safe be bolted down. If your safe is relatively narrow, like the kind many people use to store important documents, then you can mount it in your wall between the wall studs. Use wall art or a mirror to add one more layer of protection. Similarly, a small, narrow safe can be fitted between floor joists. Anything larger than 16” by 4”, however, should only be installed during the construction of the house in order to avoid compromising the structural integrity of your home.
Another locksmith-approved option of is a safe that does the hiding for you. There are all kinds of safes that are disguised to look like other objects, from air vents to water bottles to dictionaries. You can also turn everyday items into secure hiding spots, though of course they won’t lock. Burglars tend to look right past cooking-related items like old condiment bottles so they can make a particularly good choice. Many locksmiths also recommend buying an old vacuum cleaner and using the space where the bag would go to hide your valuables.
Regardless of whether you choose to purchase a safe or to repurpose something you already own, a little creativity can go a long way when it comes to protecting your valuables. You can check out 24 hour locksmith sacramento to learn more.