The Amazon Rain Forest

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The Amazon Rain Forest

By J. Giubardo

The Amazon Rain Forest is one of the most diverse, tropical, and beautiful places in the world.  It has animals from the Orboto, or the Pink River Dolphin, to the Giant Anteater.  It has plants from the Giant Victoria Amazonica Water Lilies to the Ormasia, or Cabbage Bark Tree. The rain forest is declining two football fields every second you spend reading this sentence (this is not only the Amazon though).

     The Amazon Rain Forest is full of plants that make oxygen and rubber, or might be the cure for cancer.  They also house endangered and not endangered animals, even ones that could live in our local zoos.  So why are we cutting them down?  The answer is simple, greed.  We want the money, but no one thinks about it they just think free money.  Read on to find out about the animals, fish, plants, destruction, how you can help and alternative ways of profit, and the Amazon River in the Amazon Rain Forest.

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